Sustainability Reports of the Talanx Group

The Talanx Group has been providing information on its sustainability activities since 2014 and published its first sustainability report in 2015. Here you will find the current sustainability report as well as all other sustainability reports from previous years.
Sustainability Report 2021

  • The Talanx Group wants to achieve net zero emissions in underwriting and investments by 2050
  • The investment volume for sustainable investments has been increased from the previous EUR 5 billion to EUR 8 billion by 2025

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Talanx Group

Focus in the Sustainability Report 2021

Talanx issues first green bond

The green bond is an important component of Talanx’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

Talanx is supporting industry’s transformation process

The Talanx Group has set itself the key task of supporting its customers worldwide in their transition to a more sustainable and low-emission economy.

Talanx teams around the world move into more sustainable buildings

The Talanx Group has set itself the goal of achieving net zero emissions from operations by 2030. One of the ways in which this can be done is using “greener” buildings.

Focus in the Sustainability Report 2020

Investing sustainably

We invest continuously in renewable energies and in this way promote sustainable development.

Equality for Women at Work Certificate

We aim to ensure equal opportunities at work and are working consistently to enhance this.

Working sustainably

Our goal is to achieve climate-neutral operations with the help of our agile organisation.

Focus in the Sustainability Report 2019

New Code of Conduct for Business Partners

In 2019, Talanx AG developed a Code of Conduct for Business Partners to ensure that principles and standards are complied with along the entire value chain.

Talanx encourages creativity

Talanx established a creative environment at its headquarters in Hannover where employees could meet and engage with each other outside work and experiment with new technologies.

Sustainable procurement

In 2019, the Talanx Group decided to achieve climate neutrality in its business. For this purpose, its first step was to offset carbon emissions from its own operations in Germany.