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The neue leben brand is positioned in the bancassurance sector of Talanx Group’s Retail Germany Division as the retirement provision specialist for Sparkasse savings institutions. A competent partner with considerable expertise in the areas of individual and occupational retirement provision, neue leben insurers cooperate with some 100 Sparkasse savings institutions across the entire country, including 12 of the 15 largest savings institutions in Germany.


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With a system featuring high-performance products, flexible provision solutions and bespoke concepts tailored to specific target groups, neue leben insurers have established themselves as innovators and quality providers in the field of retirement provision among Sparkassen savings institutions and their customers alike. To this end, neue leben insurers systematically gear their strategy, products, processes, technology and services to the banks and their clientele. By way of the Bancassurance Academy it is able to offer its Sparkasse partners comprehensive consulting services and training activities to improve professional and sales skills. What is more, neue leben insurers work together with their Sparkasse partners to develop joint provision strategies in order, on the one hand, to boost earnings and expand the Sparkasse market shares in the retirement provision sector, while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction and long-term affinity.

Numerous excellent ratings and awards from independent financial experts and rating agencies testify to neue leben's performance level and financial strength as well as the quality of its products. It thereby demonstrates continuity and reliability as a capable partner for customers and Sparkasse savings institutions in the field of retirement provision.

neue leben insurers encompass the companies neue leben Holding AG, neue leben Lebensversicherung AG, neue leben Unfallversicherung AG, neue leben Pensionsverwaltung AG and neue leben Pensionskasse AG.

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