The Talanx Group operates as a multi-brand provider with companies transacting both property/casualty and life business in multiple areas of primary insurance and reinsurance. The Group is led by Talanx AG which has been granted a reinsurance license at the beginning of 2019. The Company is now no longer a pure holding company but instead also conducts business activities and acts as an intragroup reinsurer for primary insurance. Talanx AG steers the Group by raising and allocating capital, setting targets, measuring performance and overseeing appropriate incentive systems.


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Ampega Asset Management GmbH and Ampega Investment GmbH share joint responsibility for asset management within the Talanx Group. Ampega Asset Management GmbH is responsible for investments made by the Talanx Group on the money, capital and real estate markets. The successful development of the Group's assets is a testament to its insurance-specific investment expertise.

HDI Reinsurance (Ireland) SE is an Irish company founded in 2009. As the Group’s captive reinsurer the company serves as a ‘capital management tool’ assisting to increase Group’s retention and steers Group’s retention on the divisional and group level.

HDI Pensionsmanagement AG supports and advises companies, irrespective of their size and the industry in which they operate, on specialist issues relating to occupational retirement provision. As a competence centre and provider of centralised services, it offers its customers as well as all Talanx companies and their associated sales channels comprehensive support in matters of occupational retirement provision. A broad-based team of experts is equipped with specialist know-how and extensive implementation experience.

Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH (Talanx Re Broker) is the professional reinsurance consultant for all non-life reinsurance cessions of the Talanx Group. The mission of Talanx Re Broker is to safeguard on a long-term basis the reinsurance capacity required for all primary insurance companies of the Talanx Group operating in the non-life sector and to develop optimal solutions for customers and business partners. In order to achieve these goals it cooperates worldwide with reinsurers, selected reinsurance brokers and other service providers. Website of Talanx Reinsurance Broker

HDI AG as employer company of the Talanx Group takes on the function of enhancing efficiencies within the Group by bundling and standardisation, and it focuses on customer orientation and profitability, e.g. through continuous further development of internal processes. The IT segment of HDI AG provides IT services for the Talanx Group. With more than 1,000 employees at the sites Hannover, Cologne, Hilden and Hamburg, the IT services of the Retail Germany and Industrial Lines divisions and the IT services of Corporate Operations and the asset management companies are bundled in a central function.