New Code of Conduct for Business Partners

In 2019, Talanx AG developed a Code of Conduct for Business Partners to ensure that principles and standards are complied with along the entire value chain.

We want to provide a compelling competitive experience based on the quality and value of our products and services, and through our successful, sustainable business. Our long-term business success also depends on how early we identify risks and opportunities and on our systematic compliance with the law, regulations, ethical principles and voluntary commitments. Not only do we set high standards for ourselves in the Talanx Group, but we also work to ensure that these are observed across the entire value chain. We therefore expect not just all our employees, but also our business partners to shares this understanding and act accordingly.

The Talanx Group's business partners make a substantial contribution to the Group's success. We consider a common understanding of ethical and sustainable conduct to be a key basis for cooperation. Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners covers topics such as anti-corruption and bribery matters, respect for human rights, environmental matters and data protection. We only sign contracts with potential business partners who accept and agree to be bound by our standards and principles.


The basis for successful, trusting collaboration: the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

Interdisciplinary development

number of units such as Compliance, Communications, Human Resources, Procurement, Data Protection, Security and Legal Affairs collaborated on developing the Code of Conduct for Business Partners in order to cover all the different facets of potential business relationships. This ensured that we actually developed the principles and values it contains from within the organisation and that these therefore reflect our corporate culture.