From investment funds to asset management for private and institutional investors: the entire value-added chain in asset management.


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Ampega Asset Management GmbH and Ampega Investment GmbH are responsible for the Talanx Group‘s asset management.

Ampega Investment GmbH functions as an investment company serving private clients and institutional investors. Its product range encompassing public funds as well as special funds has received multiple awards. The company also administers asset and financial portfolios for clients outside the Group. In this context Ampega additionally profits from its long-standing experience in the role of asset manager for the insurance group. With its range of investment products the company complements the offerings of the Talanx Group in relation to customers’ aspirations and expectations with respect to individual retirement provision: against the backdrop of the growing problems affecting the statutory pension insurance system, customers can now turn to the Talanx product portfolio not only for insurance solutions but also for a broad range of funds geared to state-of-the-art investment requirements and dynamic retirement provision.

Ampega Asset Management GmbH is responsible for the assets held by the Talanx Group on the money, capital and real estate markets. The successful development of the Group‘s asset portfolio is a testimony to its insurance-specific asset management expertise.

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