Talanx encourages creativity

In 2019, Talanx established a creative environment at its headquarters in Hannover where employees could meet and engage with each other outside work and experiment with new technologies. The SandBox provides a space for everyone to shed normal constraints and develop creative, innovative ideas. Among other things, it offers a 3D printer and high-tech computers that can be used for video processing, for example.

The SandBox was developed by dual-track degree students at HDI. They were given free rein in planning and preparing the space. “We made every decision on our own. Taking full responsibility for such a project was a learning and growth experience for us all”, said Stefanie Stele, a dual-track degree student at HDI Service AG. She was accompanied by Sascha Müller, Lean & Agil Coach, HDI Systeme AG, who supported her in her agile approach. “It’s fantastic that Talanx has provided us with a platform where we can try out the latest technology”, said Rea Schmidt-Lamontain, a team assistant at HDI International.

The SandBox has been a real hit ever since it opened, and the dual-track degree students implemented a second one in the second half of the year at our Cologne location.


Four dual-track degree students organised a project in the SandBox

New ways of working

The Talanx Group’s Agility Campus is a broad-based initiative that is designed to continue driving forward the use of agility both as a state of mind and as a way of working, and to anchor it for the long term throughout the Company. An agile organisation never stops learning and aims to be customer oriented, improve its service offering and ensure profitable growth. The Agility Campus offers employees and managers a variety of workshops run by trainers and experienced in-house specialists on developing a basic understanding of agility, acquiring the necessary methodological skills and sharing experiences with other areas of the Company.