For the Talanx Group, compliance with applicable laws as a fundamental prerequisite for lasting successful business operations is a matter of course. Employees are supported in this respect by the Talanx Compliance Department.

The Code of Conduct formulated for our staff defines standards for responsible and ethical behaviour at all levels of the Group. It is incumbent upon every employee within the Group to ensure that their actions are in compliance with this code and the laws, guidelines and instructions governing their area of work.

Our commercial success is determined not only by the quality of our products and services, but also by the legally impeccable and responsible conduct of our employees towards each other, our business partners and the general public. Only in this way can we create trust – an especially crucial competitive factor in our industry.

By organising training events and programmes we offer staff the opportunity to refresh, broaden and deepen their knowledge of and familiarity with selected compliance-related topics.

A whistleblower system (BKMS® whistleblower system) gives staff the opportunity to report certain serious breaches of the law – anonymously, if they so desire. This enables the Compliance Department to take action, contain the damage and avoid further harm.

The Talanx Group is a member of the CCO Forum, which was established in January 2015 and is composed of the Chief Compliance Officers of international insurance companies. In addition to identifying common positions, the work of the Forum also offers an opportunity to identify trends in the regulatory area of compliance at an early stage and examine them appropriately.

The Talanx Group Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to everyone who works for Talanx Group, from trainees to board members. For us, it is a matter of course that we comply with all applicable legal regulations.

Code of Conduct for Talanx Group Business Partners

This is addressed to you in your capacity as a business partner of ours. It does not apply if you are active for us in a sales capacity or have already undertaken to comply with other, local principles governing business partners that we have declared to be binding.

CCO-Forum: Talanx is member

The CCO Forum is a group of professional Chief Compliance Officers from the global insurance and reinsurance industry that focuses on developing and promoting industry best practices in compliance.