The Talanx Group and its companies operate in multiple areas of primary insurance and reinsurance, both in property/casualty and life business. The Group has tailored its clear and efficient structure for customers and investors to four operational customer divisions: the Industrial Lines, Retail Germany, Retail International as well as Reinsurance Divisions, the latter encompassing both property/casualty and life/health business. In addition, the Group is active in the field of asset management, which is allocated to the Corporate Operations segment.


Talanx Divisions

Talanx AG is the financial and management holding company positioned at the head of the Group. It ensures that the primary goal is achieved: sustainable profitable growth. Talanx AG steers the Group through capital procurement and allocation, the definition of targets, performance measurement and suitable incentive schemes. At the same time, it is responsible for optimising the corporate and capital structure. For the purpose of implementing the measures derived from the strategic objectives and conducting its operational activities, Talanx AG has its own executive staff functions for Corporate Operations. They are tasked with continuously refining the systematic steering and monitoring of the Group.

Group structure

Overview of Talanx AG's Group structure

Group structure (PDF)