More self-organisation in a culture of change

We live in a world full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this environment, it’s no longer enough for companiesto rely on individual board members taking the right decisions at the right time. What is needed is for each and every team member throughout the organisation to play their part. Employees must largely organise themselves and take the decisions that will produce the best results independently and responsibly.


We foster a culture that revolves around collaboration, engagement and transparency, and that is based on mutual trust. Our people should see for themselves that what they do makes a difference. And they should be able to contribute every aspect of their personality. This is why Human Resources also puts people, their needs and their development at the heart of its strategy. Topics such as talent management, leadership development, diversity (including in management) and new ways of working are at the forefront of our day-today activities.

Some exciting news for new recruits: in 2023, Talanx is setting up three new dual-track degree courses on business information systems (with a focus on data science), IT security, and business mathematics and actuarial science (financial risk management). In addition, the Company supports on-the-job training for young staff so as to be able to appoint even more internal candidates to vacant positions in future.