A unit-linked climate package for a green private Pension

Sustainability is now a major investment selection criterion for a good third of German customers. But when they are taking out life insurance other aspects such as security, Flexibility and cost-effectiveness also play a role.


Two years after introducing its successful “CleverInvest” fund policy, HDI Lebensversicherung AG is now launching a new, sustainable variant – “CleverInvest Green”. With “Clever- Invest Green”, customers can choose between around 40 sustainable funds – including individual managed funds, portfolios and a wide range of affordable ETFs. This enables the Company to accommodate the growing demand for environmental and social criteria. At the same time, “CleverInvest Green” offers customers a retirement provision product featuring strong growth opportunities, compelling security and maximum flexibility and freedom.

The new product combines all the benefits of CleverInvest with a fully sustainable investment approach for customers. Advantages include flexible change options – for the start of the pension, the contributions paid and the dynamic increases – through tax benefits and transparent costs down to fair expiry management, death protection and occupational Disability protection without the need for a medical examination.

The new offering is the result of a fundamental decision: the objective is to raise awareness for more sustainability and future growth. This is also one of the reasons why HDI Lebensversicherung AG has joined with other companies in the sector to found the Sustainability in Life Insurance initiative.