Strategy & action areas

As the following graphic shows, the Talanx Group's sustainability strategy comprises two overarching areas – “Sustainability Strategy and Governance” and “Dialogue and Reporting” – plus four action areas.

As an international insurance group and long-term investor, the Talanx Group has long been committed to ensuring responsible corporate governance designed to ensure sustainable value creation. In line with this, the Group‘s strategy is flanked by focused approach to sustainability. This is based on the targeted implementation of sustainability and ESG aspects in the areas of investment, underwriting and operations, an in the Group‘s corporate social responsibility activities.


Dialogue and Reporting

The Group underlines its strategic sustainability credentials by focusing on incorporating internationally recognised frameworks, initiatives and (reporting) standards. The Group‘s sustainability focus is adjusted repeatedly over time to reflect new insights, legal conditions and changes in social perceptions that need to be accommodated.

Factsheet: Investments in Infrastructure