Risk management

Deriving from our corporate strategy, our risk strategy formulates the objectives and structures of our risk management. Our acceptance of risks is governed by the guidelines and decisions of the Board of Management concerning the Group’s risk budget. Our risk strategy is a stand-alone set of rules that provides the foundation for Group-wide risk management. In conjunction with value-oriented steering, our risk strategy is an integral component of our entrepreneurial activities and is reflected in the detailed strategies of the various divisions.

As an internationally operating insurance and financial services group, we consciously enter into a wide range of risks that are indivisibly bound up with our business activities. Both our corporate strategy and our risk strategy are subject to an established review process. Through this regular scrutiny and, if necessary, adjustment of the underlying assumptions we seek to ensure that our strategic guidelines are appropriate at all times and hence that are actions are grounded on an adequate information basis.

The Talanx Group satisfies all currently applicable solvency requirements.

Risk management reports

Here you will find an overview of SFCR reports.

Risk management reports