The Talanx Group is working to make our Company more sustainable in all areas. As a leading-edge enterprise with a long and rich tradition, Talanx is rising to this crucial challenge and supporting the transition to a low-emissions and socially responsible economy. This end-to-end vision is at the heart of the Talanx sustainability strategy, which will refined and will now update annually going forward.


Torsten Leue, Chairman of the Board of Management

Our Sustainability Commitment – A Message from Talanx AG’s Board of Management

The Talanx Group is integrating environmental, social and governance aspects with its business activities. As an international insurance group and a longterm investor, we are committed to responsible corporate governance based on sustainable value creation. Equally, our customers generally enter into longterm relationships with us. We therefore take a forward looking approach so as to ensure that we can deliver on the promises we make to our customers in the future, too. Our Sustainability Commitment

New Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Our business partners also have to live up to the principles and values that are important to us.

Kathrin Reichert, Head of Group Compliance Hannover, Talanx AG

Talanx encourages creativity

The SandBox allows staff to shape the process of cultural transition themselves by putting their own projects and ideas to the test.

Sascha Müller, Lean & Agile Coach, HDI Systeme AG

Sustainable procurement

"Forgoing comfort should be a small price to pay for environmental protection."

Helene Leichtling, Head of Logistics, Hannover, HDI Service AG Internal Services

Sustainability news

News items on the subject of sustainability in the Talanx Group

Sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy comprises concrete action areas, goals and measures and serves to ensure that our operations are in line with ecological and social challenges.

Frameworks & initiatives

Talanx actively support a number of important sustainability initiatives.

ESG Ratings

The Talanx Group’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance is assessed at regular intervals by specialised ESG rating agencies.