Alignment and stabilisation of a multi-brand Group


Initial public offering of Hannover Re

By aligning and stabilising the Group, HDI wanted to achieve two main aims: to balance its risk by venturing into less risk-exposed business areas and to grow in sectors faced with international competition.

The first step along this path – the initial public offering of Hannover Re – served both of these purposes; it made it possible to invest especially in life insurance to achieve the necessary better risk balance across the Group.


Establishment of today’s Talanx AG as a thoroughbred financial holding company

A number of further steps were needed to stabilise the Group. The German organisation of HDI V.a.G. had already been re-structured in 1993 and a less costly, leaner administration set up. In 1996, HDI Beteiligung AG was set up as a financial holding company with Group steering functions for the subsidiaries; the aim here was to re-align the structures of the Group and to create a high-performing, versatile company with a strong capital base. In 1998 the holding was renamed Talanx AG to avoid confusion with the HDI brand name.


Commencement of bancassurance activities: Acquisition of today’s TARGO insurers


Purchase of HDI Assicurazioni S.p.A., Rome


Establishment of PB insurers

HDI joins up with Postbank to set up PB Lebensversicherung AG and PB Versicherung AG. This considerably expanded the bancassurance sector. The life insurance companies within the Group formed a high-performing cluster that made a major contribution to spreading the risk within the Group.


Establishment of today's Ampega Asset Management GmbH and Ampega Investment GmbH, Hannover

Establishment of today's Ampega Asset Management GmbH and Ampega Investment GmbH in Hannover. Nowadays, these companies perform the asset management functions within the Group.