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What is the Talanx Corporate Podcast - Insurance Uncovered?

Our podcast Insurance Uncovered shares background insights from the insurance industry at large and, more specifically, from the Talanx Group.

Welcome to the Talanx podcast Insurance Uncovered!

Each month we'll be sharing background news and information with you from the world of insurance. The broad spectrum of topics ranges from financial topics to study findings to corporate culture.

Have you always wanted to get a better understanding of an insurer's financial key figures? Or are you fascinated by our quarterly and annual results? In that case, you've come to the right place. Our Head of Group Controlling Bas de Vries and our Head of Investor Relations Bernd Sablowsky will be here in person as our guests every quarter for this very purpose. They will transform the driest of numbers into entertaining 15-minute podcasts.

"Insurance Uncovered” is not just a financial podcast. It will also be presenting the latest studies revealing trends and tendencies in society. We are interested in how insurers move with social change. This includes socioeconomic change but also the cultural transformation in the insurance industry itself.

You can look forward to a diverse range of topics.

Threat from cyberspace - small businesses targeted

The new episode of our Talanx podcast "Insurance Uncovered" is online. Our topic today: Threat from cyberspace - small businesses targeted. Sören Brokamp provides insights into the current HDI cyber study.

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