TOGETHER: Merger of HDI Italia with HDI Assicurazioni

We live our Purpose - every day, worldwide, in every action: "Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship". In our short series "Purpose Stories" we take you along and show you the different facets that make us Talanx. In the first episode, we are guests at HDI Assicurazioni in Rome, a company from Talanx’ Retail International division, led by HDI International. The strong Italian roots have grown even deeper and stronger in the past two years.

In May 2023, the merger of HDI Italia with HDI Assicurazioni was formalised. HDI Italia emerged from the renaming of Amissima Assicurazioni, which was acquired by HDI Assicurazioni in 2021 to expand its property insurance business. "In recent years we have worked tirelessly to build and consolidate a company based on the same values and mission," says Roberto Mosca, CEO of HDI Assicurazioni.

The result: HDI Assicurazioni is ranked 11th among Italian property insurers and has the chance to become one of the top ten Italian insurance groups in the property insurance market in the medium term.

Find out in the video how the change succeeded, what it means and how the new identity has grown.

Status: 31.07.2023