Boards and Officers of the Divisions

Retail Germany

The division is led by HDI Deutschland AG.

  • Dr Christopher Lohmann, Chairman
  • Dr Patrick Dahmen
  • Wolfgang Hanssmann
  • Iris Kremers
  • Herbert Rogenhofer
  • Jens Warkentin

Retail International

The division is led by HDI International AG.

  • Dr. Wilm Langenbach, Chairman
  • Nicolas Masjuan
  • Christian Müller
  • Oliver Schmid

Industrial Lines

The division is led by HDI Global SE.

  • Dr Edgar Puls, Vorstandsvorsitzender
  • Yves Betz
  • Dr Mukadder Erdönmez
  • Dr Christian Hermelingmeier
  • David Hullin
  • Dr Thomas Kuhnt
  • Andreas Luberichs
  • Jens Wohlthat


The division is led by Hannover Rück SE.

  • Jean-Jacques Henchoz, Chairman
  • Sven Althoff
  • Claude Chèvre
  • Clemens Jungsthöfel
  • Dr Klaus Miller
  • Silke Sehm
  • Dr Michael Pickel

Corporate Operations

In combination with Financial Services, the IT service provider HDI Systeme AG and the service company HDI Service AG make up the area Corporate Operations.

HDI Service AG

  • Jens Warkentin, Speaker
  • Michael Heinen
  • Caroline Schlienkamp
  • Dr Gerhard Stahl

HDI Systeme AG

  • Jens Köwing, Speaker
  • Dirk Böhme
  • Dr Thomas Kuhnt
  • Herbert Rogenhofer

Financial Services encompasses the Group's internal reinsurance broker Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH (Talanx Re Broker) and Ampega Investment, Ampega Asset Management, Ampega Real Estate GmbH.

Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH

  • Oliver Grabau
  • Caroline Schlienkamp

Ampega Investment GmbH

  • Dr Thomas Mann, Speaker
  • Manfred Köberlein, General Manager
  • Dr. Dirk Erdmann, General Manager
  • Jürgen Meyer, General Manager
  • Djam Mohebbi-Ahari, General Manager

Ampega Asset Management GmbH

  • Harry Ploemacher, Managing Director
  • Dr Dirk Erdmann, General Manager
  • Dr Thomas Mann, General Manager