Boards and Officers of the Divisions

Retail Germany

The division is led by HDI Deutschland AG.

  • Dr Christopher Lohmann, Chairman
  • Holm Diez
  • Sven Lixenfeld
  • Thomas Lüer
  • Herbert Rogenhofer
  • Jens Warkentin

Retail International

The division is led by HDI International AG.

  • Dr Wilm Langenbach, Chairman
  • Nicolas Masjuan
  • Christian Müller
  • Oliver Schmid

Industrial Lines

The division is led by HDI Global SE.

  • Dr Edgar Puls, Chairman of the Board of
  • Ralph Beutter
  • Dr Mukadder Erdönmez
  • Dr Christian Hermelingmeier
  • David Hullin
  • Dr Thomas Kuhnt
  • Claire McDonald
  • Jens Wohlthat


The division is led by Hannover Rück SE.

  • Jean-Jacques Henchoz, Chairman
  • Sven Althoff
  • Claude Chèvre
  • Clemens Jungsthöfel
  • Dr Klaus Miller
  • Silke Sehm
  • Dr Michael Pickel

Corporate Operations

In addition to HDI AG, the Talanx Group's employer company, the Corporate Operations segment includes the area of financial services.

  • Caroline Schlienkamp, Speaker
  • Stefan Eversberg
  • Michael Heinen
  • Dr Christian Hermelingmeier
  • Jens Köwing
  • Dr Gerhard Stahl
  • Jens Warkentin

Financial services encompasses the Group's internal reinsurance broker Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH as well as Ampega Investment GmbH and Ampega Asset Management GmbH.

Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH

  • Oliver Grabau
  • Caroline Schlienkamp

Ampega Investment GmbH

  • Dr Thomas Mann, Speaker
  • Manfred Köberlein, General Manager
  • Dr. Dirk Erdmann, General Manager
  • Jürgen Meyer, General Manager
  • Djam Mohebbi-Ahari, General Manager

Ampega Asset Management GmbH

  • Harry Ploemacher, Managing Director
  • Dr Dirk Erdmann, General Manager
  • Dr Thomas Mann, General Manager