What we stand for

A track-record of continuously rising dividends

Talanx dividend policy aimed and realized to increase dividends by 25% to EUR 2.00 per share for financial year 2022. By 2025, dividends are to rise by an additional 25% to a target dividend of EUR 2.50.

An ambitious ESG strategy: committed to seven out of the UN's 17 SDGs

Taking a responsible, long-term approach is our core business as an insurance provider. As an international group and a long-term investor, Talanx is therefore committed to responsible corporate governance designed to achieve sustainable value creation.

What we digitally transform

Passion and board commitment

"I have no doubt that Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change our lives and our business. Together with Behavioural Economics, AI is one of our central strategic focus topics for the digital transformation of our Group." Torsten Leue (CEO)

Monitoring and Analysis of Processes


Three years ago, HDI started the “MAP Centre”. The abbreviation stands for “Monitoring and Analysis of Processes”. This is a system that allows HDI to visualise information and processes also when the moment of truth comes and HDI customers have an accident. A series of large screens display all the information and processes that are generated at the start of the customer journey and this plays a key role in ensuring a good customer experience through all the processes: customer service in the “Contact Centre”, adjusters involved in settling the claim and information about repairs for the car. The “Map Centre” allows employees at HDI Seguros to take decisions efficiently that are in the customer’s best interest. All this work has paid off! Since the “MAP Centre” was rolled out, HDI has succeeded in increasing the Net Promoter Score used by the company to assess customer satisfaction by 30 percent.

VoiceBot joined Contact Center team at Warta in Poland


Artificial intelligence in a conversation with the client is a big step forward in the process of transforming our organization. VoiceBot is a technologically advanced solution based on AI methods and techniques for recognizing and understanding human speech. Speech-to-text is the bot’s hearing. Detecting intentions is his intelligence. And the synthesis of human speech is his speech. The solutions used in these elements successfully equal those used by innovation giants such as Amazon, Apple, Google or Samsung. However, it is the first solution with such advanced technology on the Polish market. Our assistant does not limit himself to a short conversation in the form of a question and answer, but talks with the client for a few minutes and gathers substantial information during the conversation. The primary purpose was to optimize the consultant’s conversation time with the client. The ultimate purpose is to automate receiving client’s notifications. Thanks to VoiceBot, a contact centre consultant saves 30 percent of his conversation time. To date, VoiceBot has carried out over 100 thousands conversations. Importantly, the clients appreciate the interaction and rate the new process positively.

What we focus on


Further information on the strategy can be found here.

Midterm targets for FY 2025



All targets are subject to large losses not exceeding the large loss budget, no turbulences on capital markets, and no material currency fluctuations. In addition, the targets may be subject to fluctuations due to the application of the new IFRS 9 accounting standard for the valuation of the investment portfolio.