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Torsten Leue: Where do we stand globally in terms of our performance culture?

Torsten Leue, CEO of the Talanx Group, visited various Group companies in Brazil, Vietnam and Malaysia in January and February 2024. In each country, it became clear that the Group is very diverse thanks to its decentralised structure. Each company is unique. It is adapted to the market and therefore close to its customers. Despite this groupwide diversity, there are important elements unifying the companies. Colleagues worldwide share the same performance culture and live the same values: transparency, engagement and collaboration based on trust.

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Talanx CEO Torsten Leue and Wilm Langenbach, CEO of HDI International, visited colleagues from HDI Seguros in Brazil and exchanged views with brokers and business partners.

They also welcomed the team from Liberty Seguros Brasil. The acquisition of the successful company Liberty Seguros Brasil puts the Talanx Group in second place among property and casualty insurers in Brazil.

The task now is to integrate HDI Seguros and Liberty Seguros in Brazil and, above all, the teams: "With their spirit, our colleagues will contribute a great deal of energy to our decentralised and entrepreneurial culture. I am confident that the cooperation between HDI Seguros and Liberty Seguros Brasil will enable us to offer our sales partners and customers greater added value. This will make us stronger and more successful together," reports Leue.

Malaysia and Vietnam

Torsten Leue_Hannover Re Malaysia

Not only Latin America, but also the Asia-Pacific market (APAC) is of great importance to Talanx as one of the largest economic regions. At the end of January this year, Torsten Leue visited Hannover Re's branch office in Malaysia and exchanged views with business partners. The aim is to further expand business locally. Torsten Leue wished the highly motivated Hannover Re team every success in this endeavour.

Together with Edgar Puls, CEO of HDI Global SE, Torsten Leue accepted end of January an invitation from PVI Insurance Corporation in Vietnam. As a strategic partner and majority shareholder, Talanx and PVI work closely together. Leue drew a positive balance: "It was impressive to see the passion with which the PVI management team and colleagues work to outperform the market. Thanks to this energy, PVI has developed from number four to market leader in Vietnam and is the most profitable general insurer there".

During his business trip to Vietnam, Malaysia and Brazil, the Talanx CEO experienced highly motivated teams: "Our performance culture is what makes us special. Highly engaged colleagues are working with joy and energy to outperform the market. We are on the right track."


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