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Talanx launches capital increase to increase its free float, with the goal of enhancing the trading liquidity of its shares and strengthening its position in equity indices

  • Talanx is offering new shares in the amount of up to EUR 300 million from authorized capital under exclusion of existing shareholders’ subscription rights
  • Majority shareholder HDI V.a.G. is also offering additional Talanx shares in the amount of up to EUR 100 million from its own holdings so as to further increase the free float
  • Shares will be placed solely with institutional investors via an international placement using an accelerated bookbuilding process
  • If the transaction is implemented in full, Talanx AG’s free float will rise from the current 21.1 percent to approximately 23.2 percent, strengthening Talanx’s membership in equity indices
  • New shares expected to start trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange/Hannover Stock Exchange on 27 September 2023

Talanx AG (“Talanx”) today initiated a capital increase against cash contributions in the amount of up to EUR 300 million by partially utilizing authorized capital to increase its free float, enhance the trading liquidity of its shares and further improve its position in equity indices. Talanx’s share capital is expected to increase through the issuance of new no-par value registered shares (the “New Shares”) against cash contributions under simplified exclusion of shareholders’ subscription rights. The New Shares will bear full dividend rights for the current financial year as from 1 January 2023.


In addition, Talanx’s majority shareholder HDI V.a.G. – which currently holds a 78.9 percent stake in the Company – is offering to sell further Talanx shares in the amount of up to EUR 100 million (approximately 0.6 percent of the current share capital) from its current holdings in order to further increase the free float. Once the transaction has closed, Talanx’s free float will increase from 21.1 percent to approximately 23.2 percent.[1] As a result, HDI V.a.G.’s shareholding will decline to approximately 76.8 percent. Following the private placement and subject to customary exceptions, Talanx and HDI V.a.G. will be subject to a 180-day lock-up, i.e. an obligation, among other things, not to issue any additional shares or financial instruments convertible into shares, and not to implement a further capital increase or sell additional existing shares.

“This move is our response to repeated requests from investors to increase Talanx’s free float and to lay the foundations for improving the shares’ trading liquidity. In addition, it will strengthen the position of Talanx’s shares in a number of equity indices. This is a positive step for our stock’s future performance. All in all, it means we are laying the foundations for more investors to invest in our shares”, said Dr Jan Wicke, Talanx AG’s CFO.

The shares on offer will be offered to qualified investors under an accelerated bookbuilding process.

The funds will further enhance the already solid capitalization of the Group to support further organic and inorganic growth in line with the disciplined approach for the execution of strategic acquisitions. Talanx is reaffirming its earnings guidance for the current year and its medium-term goals, also on the basis of the increased equity base going forward. This applies in particular to its target dividend payments for shareholders. Talanx AG continues to plan to pay its shareholders a dividend of more than EUR 2.00 per share for the financial year 2023. The expected positive effects in relation to the recent acquisition of Liberty Mutual in Latin America are not yet reflected in the medium-term goals which are set to achieve a profit of EUR 1.6 billion by 2025.

Berenberg acted as Sole Global Coordinator and Sole Bookrunner for the share placement.

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[1] Based on the XETRA closing price for Talanx shares on 18 September 2023.


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