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Talanx Group finances sustainable mobility in Rostock

  • Long-term debt financing for new trams in Rostock
  • Tramcars powered entirely by green energy and hence carbon neutral
  • Talanx Group in the role of cooperation partner for municipal corporations in the drive to modernise public infrastructure

The Talanx Group is investing over EUR 60 million in the purchase of 28 new, passenger-friendly streetcars for local public transport in Rostock. By providing funding for the trams, the Group is demonstrating its commitment to preserving an efficient, emissions-reducing public transit system and thus promoting mobility solutions in the context of a shift towards sustainable green transport policies.


The Talanx Group is financing the new trams as part of a consortium through Ampega Asset Management GmbH, a subsidiary of Talanx AG based in Cologne. The financing takes the form of a long-term debt tranche to be amortised in full across the 30-year life of the vehicles. As the consortium's largest financial backer, the Talanx Group is contributing to state-of-the-art mobility solutions in Rostock and at the same time reinforcing its sustainable and responsible investment policy in line with ESG criteria.

The new passenger-friendly tramcars, which will be operated in the future by Rostocker Straßenbahn AG and built by the long-established Swiss company Stadler, are powered entirely by green energy and hence have zero carbon emissions. The funding of attractive local public transportation puts in place the necessary conditions for a shift towards sustainable transport policies. At the same time, broad access to alternative and attractive public transit solutions reduces the use of private cars with their high emissions and enables mobility for all sectors of the population.

In concrete terms, the insurers belonging to the Retail Germany division of the Talanx Group, PB Leben, neue leben Pensionskasse and HDI Pensionskasse are participating in the funding. Along with Ampega Asset Management, the consortium is led by NORD/LB and Deutsche Leasing Finance with the involvement of DAL Deutsche Anlagen-Leasing. The other consortium partners, which include Ostseesparkasse Rostock, have put up altogether around EUR 30 million as part of the financing.


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