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Taking out a policy with the chatbot

HDI is using dialogue robots in Turkey to support sales on Facebook

For some months now, Facebook users in Turkey have been able to conclude insurance policies with HDI Sigorta A.Ş through insurance agents using the social network’s Messenger – and they can do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is made possible by deploying a chatbot. In simplified terms, this is a programme that asks defined questions, and processes the answers provided by users in a database.

If the Turkish Facebook user has contacted HDI Sigorta using Messenger, the chatbot automatically requests the identity number and the car registration number which the customer would otherwise usually have to enter on a website. Moreover, the user can easily transmit the place where they live – made possible by their IP address. In this way, the virtual assistant guides the customer through the proposal process. At the moment, the package only applies for motor insurance. The conversation with the robot ends with a friendly sign-off: “Congratulations! Your proposal is being forwarded to our agent.”

“Our philosophy is that digitalisation supports our insurance agents through value added investments,” emphasised Ali Doğdu, Deputy General Manager of HDI Sigorta. HDI is the first insurer in the Turkish market to make use of this technology and offer an automated dialogue on Facebook for concluding contracts.