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Sven Lixenfeld to head Life Insurance and Investment at Retail Germany Division at Talanx Group

  • Dr Patrick Dahmen will leave the Group effective 31 August 2021 on the best of terms and by mutual agreement
  • Sven Lixenfeld will join the Board of Management of HDI Deutschland AG as at 1 September 2021, and will also become Chairman of the Board of Management of HDI Lebensversicherung AG
  • Focus on future growth in retirement provision

Sven Lixenfeld is to succeed Dr Patrick Dahmen as head of the Board-level Life Insurance and Investment Department at the Talanx Group’s Retail Germany Division effective 1 September 2021. Dr Dahmen will leave the Talanx Group on the best of terms and by mutual agreement effective 31 August 2021 to pursue new professional opportunities.


Sven Lixenfeld has many years of experience in the fields of personal and occupational retirement provision, life insurance-IT and bancassurance thanks to his work as a board member at SV SparkassenVersicherung and consultant at Boston Consulting Group. He worked for SV SparkassenVersicherung for ten years, first as a general manager and then, from 2008 onwards, as a board member with responsibility for life insurance and IT. There he was responsible for the company’s successful focus on capital-efficient products and increased growth on the market for personal and occupational retirement provision, and for migrating all legacy systems to the new target IT environment. In 2016 Lixenfeld, who has a degree in engineering management, returned to Boston Consulting Group as a partner and managing director. He will now become Chairman of the Board of Management of HDI Lebensversicherung AG and a member of the Board of Management of HDI Deutschland AG.

“We are delighted that Sven Lixenfeld will be joining us. With his wide-ranging expertise he can drive forward the development of our life insurance activities and is a perfect cultural fit for our team and the HDI Group. Among other things, he will focus on managing the low interest rate period and on stricter regulatory requirements”, said Torsten Leue, Chairman of Talanx AG’s Board of Management and Supervisory Board Chairman at HDI Deutschland AG. “Classic guarantee life insurance is rapidly becoming less important. Despite this, we see personal and occupational retirement provision as an enormously important market, and one in which we aim to continue growing. Sven Lixenfeld combines in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art retirement provision with IT and bancassurance expertise. This mix will help us continue the success of the German HDI Group’s retirement provision operations going forward”, said Dr Christopher Lohmann, the member of Talanx AG’s Board of Management responsible for this area and Chairman of the Board of Management at HDI Deutschland AG.

“We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to Dr Patrick Dahmen. He played a major role in innovating the HDI Group’s retirement provision activities in recent years and in boosting solvency at its risk carriers. In addition, Dr Dahmen contributed substantially to the successful agreement of our sales partnership with Deutsche Bank AG. The Supervisory Board would like to wish him all the best for the future, both personally and professionally”, said Leue. Dahmen joined HDI Deutschland AG in 2019 as the Board of Management member for Life Insurance and Investment. Before that he had been a member of the Management Board of AXA Konzern AG since 2007, initially for Finance and as from 2012 for the Retirement Provision function. “My warmest thanks go to Patrick Dahmen for his excellent work and dedication in the last years, and I wish him every personal and professional success going forward”, said Lohmann. As always, the appointment is subject to approval by BaFin, the German supervisory authority.


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