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Supervisory Board appoints Caroline Schlienkamp as a Member of the Board of Management of Talanx AG

  • Caroline Schlienkamp takes over the new division for Compliance, Legal, Data Protection, Procurement and Internal Services
  • From July, additional appointment as Director of Labour Relations with responsibility for the operational personnel function

Caroline Schlienkamp has been appointed as a Member of the Board of Management of Talanx AG with effect from 1 May 2022, subject to agreement by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). She will head a newly created division for the areas Compliance, Legal, Data Protection, Procurement and Internal Services on the Board and from 1 July she will additionally be responsible for the operational personnel function as Director of Labour Relations.


The Board Division headed by Caroline Schlienkamp will for the first time combine the functions of Compliance, Legal, Data Protection, Procurement, Internal Services and later on Human Resources in a central function. The responsibility for Procurement and Internal Services is currently with Dr Edgar Puls alongside his responsibility for the Industrial Lines Division. The Board Member Dr Christopher Lohmann heading the Retail Germany Division is responsible for Data Protection. The CEO and Director of Labour Relations, Torsten Leue, is currently responsible for Legal and Compliance, and Human Resources.

“Creating this new division on the Talanx Board of Management takes account of the development that the functions bundled there are of key importance for international companies on a strong growth trajectory. The fact that we are able to appoint a candidate from within our Group to this position demonstrates the high quality of our development for potential high-flyers. At the same time, the appointment is an important milestone in our diversity strategy that we will be continuing to consistently drive forward over the coming years. Over the course of her career at the Talanx Group, Ms Schlienkamp has already shown herself to have outstanding leadership skills. I’m delighted that she is taking on this responsible position and I would like to take this opportunity to wish her every success in her new role,” commented Herbert K. Haas, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Talanx AG.

Torsten Leue, Chairman of the Board of Management of Talanx AG, commented: “I’m looking forward to working together with Ms Schlienkamp on our Board of Management. She is exceptionally competent and she will enrich the work of the Board of Management with her good ideas and inspirational suggestions. This means she will play a leading role in shaping the development of the Talanx Group over the coming years. The successful further development of our corporate culture is in excellent hands with Ms Schlienkamp as the future Director of Labour Relations. She will continue to develop this strategic pathway.”

As part of its diversity strategy, the Talanx Group defined a target of appointing a woman as a Member of the Board of Management at the latest by 30 June 2022.

At the moment, Caroline Schlienkamp is heading the areas Internal Services and Procurement as a Board Member of HDI Service AG and the functions of Legal, Compliance and Data Protection at Talanx AG. In addition, she is Managing Director at Talanx Reinsurance Broker GmbH and Hannover Digital Investments GmbH and also a Member of the Management Board of Talanx Treuhand e.V. She has a long track record of wide-ranging experience in legal affairs and underwriting. As well as taking a degree in law, she also completed an apprenticeship as an insurance practitioner at Hannover Re and she worked in underwriting at HDI Global SE. At Talanx AG, she played a leading role in developing the Purpose of the Talanx Group “together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship”.

Alongside her function on the Board of Management of Talanx AG, Caroline Schlienkamp will take over the function of Spokesperson of the Management Board of HDI AG from Jens Warkentin. This is the employee management company of the primary insurance group in Germany. Jens Warkentin will then take on additional key functions as Chief Financial Officer at HDI Deutschland AG in Retail Germany.

“I would like to express my very sincere thanks to Jens Warkentin for his outstanding work as Chief Human Resources Officer. He placed the Human Resources Department on an efficient and service-oriented footing and implemented digitalisation. Furthermore, he has significantly simplified the structures of the Talanx Group in Germany with our new employee management company HDI AG. I wish him every success for his further functions,” said Torsten Leue in his position as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HDI AG.


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