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Talanx takes start-up Scorable to next level with merger

  • Scorable to merge with BondIT
  • Talanx to retain stake in merged entity via subsidiary Ampega

Talanx is taking start-up Scorable to the next level by merging it with BondIT, an independent portfolio construction technology provider for fixed income. Talanx financed the start-up, which uses artificial intelligence to assist in bond credit risk analysis, on its formation in Q4 2019. The merger agreement provides for the two companies to combine their technologies in order to drive forward the digital transformation of the bond market. The transaction is expected to close at the end of 2020. Ampega Asset Management, Talanx’s asset management company, will retain a stake in the merged entity.

Bringing together cutting-edge technology and advanced AI, the combined company will offer a fully integrated portfolio management and research as a service solution, enabling fixed income asset managers and financial advisors to automate and optimize the investment process. The solution empowers users to build and analyze portfolios within minutes rather than hours or days.

Talanx Group has made very positive experiences with Scorable, said Harry Ploemacher, CEO of Ampega. He further commented on the merger: “Asset managers who want to remain competitive must take advantage of digitisation. Smart technologies are more important than ever to successfully navigate in challenging markets. By combining their expertise, BondIT and Scorable have created a streamlined and efficient technology solution that meets the needs of fixed-income managers and helps them adapt to a changing industry. We’ve been successfully using Scorable’s technology since its market launch and we look forward to supporting the new company as it enters its next phase of development.”

“Fixed income investors still rely heavily on manual-driven procedures, but in light of market and cost pressures, intelligent automation is increasingly necessary to stay competitive. Merging our technologies allows us to even better serve the evolving digital needs of our clients by helping them optimize their portfolio and risk management to boost efficiency, performance and scale,” said Etai Ravid, CEO of BondIT. “This merger further supports BondIT’s goal of creating a one-stop platform for Explainable Portfolio Construction, to allow users to easily understand the rationale behind the investment selection by making idea generation transparent and intuitive.”

Philippe Padrock, Managing Director of Scorable, said, “Implementing technology to centralize information and data is imperative, and Scorable’s explainable AI does exactly that by turning vast amounts of data into relevant insights and translating these into appropriate actions based on the portfolio objectives – all in a fraction of time that the manual process would take.”

Combining BondIT’s established footprint in the US and APAC with Scorable’s presence in Europe will significantly boost the combined company’s international reach, building on existing market knowledge, infrastructure and relationships to target the $80 trillion global asset management market. BondIT and Scorable are backed by investors and partners across the globe, with total investment in the combined company amounting to more than $40 million.


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