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HDI life insurance, neue leben life insurance and Targo life insurance jointly acquire office complex

In the heart of Frankfurt's financial district Ampega Asset Management, a Cologne-based subsidiary of Talanx, has acquired the office complex ”SKYPER“ at Taunusanlage 1 for various companies belonging to HDI Deutschland AG.

Tower Skyper-1

The seller is Allianz Real Estate, acting on behalf of multiple companies of the Allianz Group.

Completed for the most part in 2006, the Tower is designed as a multi-tenant property with some 54,000 m2 in flexible rental space spanning 35 floors. It is fully leased with the exception of just a handful of units. In addition to the Tower, the complex includes the so-called Carré with residential and retail spaces as well as the fully restored neoclassical Villa, which is listed as a historic monument.

“We are absolutely delighted to have added this investment in Frankfurt's financial district to our portfolio, thereby demonstrating that we continue to systematically build on our performance capability and growth strategy. The quality of the property, the occupancy rate and the location impressed us”, Djam Mohebbi-Ahari, Managing Director of Ampega Investment GmbH, comments on the acquisition. Frankfurt is considered a discerning market and one of the most influential business locations in Europe. The property checks all the boxes for holding its prime position in a fiercely competitive environment moving forward.

“With the ”SKYPER“ transaction we are for the first time advancing into a dimension that can point the way for our targeted growth in the German real estate sector”, notes Dr Thomas Mann, Managing Director of Ampega Asset Management GmbH. “In so doing, with the interests of our customers front and centre we shall always be guided not only by climate protection concerns but also by a property's risk-return profile as the key fundamental principle.”

In closing this acquisition Ampega received legal advice from GÖRG, Cologne Office, and technical support from Orange Recon GmbH. The seller Allianz Real Estate received legal advice on the transaction from CMS, Stuttgart Office. BNP Paribas Real Estate and JLL also supported the seller and mediated the transaction.

The parties have agreed not to reveal the purchase price.


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