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"I like my job and I like my colleagues"

115 trainees and integrated degree students joining Talanx on 1 September (Corporate News). Interview with three trainees: Djoulde Barry, Fayez Allababidy and Patrizia Vassilopoulosm.

  • Djoulde Barry, 23 years of age, from Guinea, has been training as a chef with Talanx Service AG in Cologne since 1 October 2016
  • Fayez Allababidy, 26 years of age, from Syria, is commencing an integrated degree programme in business IT with Talanx Systeme AG on 1 September 2017, again in Cologne

What brought you to Talanx?

Djoulde Barry: During my language course our German teacher asked who could imagine becoming a chef. She had been looking into training opportunities and was the one who put the idea into my head. I consider it important to get proper training here in Germany and cooking is a profession that requires creativity – that appeals to me. Back in my home country my mother always cooked for me – now I am learning here how to cook for others. My favourite German dish is beef goulash. I am very happy at Talanx; I like my job and I like my colleagues.

Fayez Allababidy: In Damascus I had already graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, a qualification that is recognised here. When I attended an "open day" at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach I had the opportunity to meet Mr Harnischmacher from Talanx Systeme AG. He told me about the integrated degree programme offered by Talanx and encouraged me to apply. I thought it was a terrific idea to combine hands-on vocational experience with academic studies. Although this meant starting out on something completely new, I am the kind of person who likes everything that is logical and involves mathematics and programming. What is more, the training salary enables me to get off financial support from the government entirely – my goal is to work here myself, to live among Germans and be independent.

Do you feel at home now?

Allababidy: After travelling through the Balkans to escape military service I first lived in a refugee centre, then I took language courses from 2015 to 2017, and now I have a small apartment of my own in Bergisch Gladbach. I was also fortunate to get to know my German family here – they have given me incredible support in every respect. Now I am a member of the local carnival society and I sing as a tenor in the concert choir of Bergisch Gladbach, performing works such as Mozart's Requiem.

Barry: I know that I still need to improve my language skills. It was not easy early on. Now I am able to interact with a couple of friends outside of the company and other trainees. In my leisure time I enjoy listening to hip-hop and I am continuing to study German. I live close by in my own flat in the Nippes district of Cologne. My landlord speaks very good French and even came to the interview with me to act as an interpreter. At the moment I have a residence permit for three years.

Corporate News: 115 new trainees get started with Talanx – company offers career opportunities for refugees