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Get creative after work

The company has created a space in Hannover that allows employees from different companies to meet in an informal setting. But that’s not the only benefit – the SandBox offers much more. Just like it used to be in a kiddies’ sandpit, everybody can play around with 3D printers and high-tech computers, and develop creative and innovative ideas – for example making video and audio material. “The aim is to create an atmosphere that fosters change,” commented Michael Krebbers, Board Member of HDI Systeme AG. “And change depends on curiosity.”

Students following a twin-track training path at HDI have been developing the project for months. They were given a free hand when they were planning and preparing the space. “We were responsible for every decision. We all learnt something from taking all the responsibility in a project like this, and we came out stronger,” commented Stefanie Stele, a student on a twin track training course at HDI Service AG.

That’s why the twin-track students are delighted to see lots of visitors at the SandBox opening celebration tucking into drinks and snacks. “It’s really great that Talanx is providing a platform like this where we can try out the latest technology,” enthused Rea Schmidt-Lamontain, team assistant at HDI International. “I’m certainly going to recommend the space to my colleagues and I’m already looking forward to the events in the pipeline. I’ll certainly attend them.”

And the twin-track students from Cologne will similarly open a SandBox in the second half of the year.