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Fairness for interns: Talanx signs up to the Fair Company initiative

  • Talanx Group commits to responsible and future-oriented structuring of internships for students
  • Commitment to rules and quality standards
  • Career-oriented internships with fair pay

The Talanx Group has committed to the Fair Company initiative, the largest employer initiative in Germany for students and young professionals. Fair Company is an initiative of, a portal of Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche. The initiative, which involves some 600 companies in Germany, commits to reliable, recognised quality standards and measurable rules for interns. With that, the Talanx Group emphasises its long-standing commitment to the responsible and future-oriented structuring of internships for students. "For us, the Fair Company seal is a recognition of our corporate culture, of the standards we ourselves place on our offering to interns and the way we interact with the next generation of graduates", says Thomas Belker, who as spokesman for the Board of Talanx Service AG also has responsibility for the area of Personnel. "We pay the students a monthly remuneration of EUR 750, unless a statutory regulation stipulates a higher amount. This exceeds the remuneration specified as a guideline by Fair Company."

At Talanx, one of the large insurance groups in Europe, interns can provide support on day-to-day operations and cooperate in national and international projects, for example in the Retail Germany and Industrial Lines Divisions and at Talanx International AG. "Our interns work in reasonable timeframes on clearly defined tasks that they can use for their professional orientation. For a fair remuneration, of course", stresses Belker. This aligns with the requirements of the initiative. For a company to be able to call itself a "Fair Company", it must undertake to abide by specific rules. These also include having designated contacts in the company as well as transparency regarding the tasks and objectives of the internship. Furthermore, a Fair Company does not fob off high-school graduates who have applied for a permanent position by offering them an internship. Participating companies also undertake to actively encourage their interns to share their experiences after the internship directly with the initiative – for example via a feedback form.


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