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Purpose Story Talanx: Closing down society

Lockdown in Germany: The brewhouse tavern “Gaffel am Dom” closed its doors to guests, but the costs are continuing. In the second part of The Difference series entitled “Our Purpose”, Erwin Ott recalls the hours when his need was greatest.

At the peak of the first coronavirus wave, several thousand people were being infected with the virus every day and governments across the world were essentially bringing public life to a complete standstill. In Germany alone, more than 70,000 restaurants and pubs had to close from one day to the next in order to contain the pandemic.

One of them is the brewhouse tavern “Gaffel am Dom” in Cologne. “The whole lockdown naturally resulted in more or less zero sales, but we were still stuck with the running costs,” said Managing Director Erwin Ott. HDI leapt to his side – very much in line with the purpose “Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship”. Or as Erwin Ott commented: “It only emerges whether an insurance is good when there’s a claim and it comes to the settlement.”



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