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HDI and Hannover Re roll out booster shots

  • Launch date of 13 December in Hannover
  • Further locations to follow starting in January

On Monday, 13 December vaccinations will start up again at HDI and Hannover Re. The insurers belonging to the Talanx Group will begin by offering booster shots to their staff in Hannover. Daily vaccination slots are planned right through to 23 December and for the entire month of January. At HDI's second main location in Cologne booster shots are expected to roll out from 10 or 12 January onwards. As for the other locations in Germany, the various companies also intend to offer boosters to their employees in the very near future.


Members of staff can receive their booster five months or more after completing the basic immunisation programme of two shots. Those over the age of 30 will likely receive Moderna's mRNA vaccine, while younger employees will be given BioNTech. Individuals who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as their first dose must wait a minimum of four weeks before they can boost their immunity with an additional shot of mRNA vaccine.

Jens Warkentin, Personnel Director of the HDI Group, comments: "In order to protect our employees to the best of our ability and help them negotiate the pandemic as safely as possible, we decided to undertake this additional vaccination campaign. Ultimately, a very high level of vaccination is the only way out of this crisis."

Back in the summer of 2021 HDI and Hannover Re had made vaccines available to their employees across Germany with very good results. Altogether, some 3,000 first and second shots have already been administered in this context. And even now members of the workforce who have not yet been vaccinated have another chance to get their protective jab in-house – absolutely in the spirit of the Group's purpose "Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship".

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