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Ampega expands focus on third-party institutional business

  • Ampega’s institutional clients can choose between full-service asset management and individual elements of the investment process
  • Managing Director Jürgen Meyer is responsible for managing and expanding the third-party institutional business
  • Manfred Köberlein, who is stepping down after almost 20 years on Ampega’s team of managing directors, has built a solid foundation from which to expand the third-party client business in future. He will continue to assist Ampega in an advisory capacity.

Cologne-based Talanx subsidiary Ampega Investment GmbH is expanding its third-party institutional business unit. In addition to its ongoing vibrant mutual funds business, the company will focus increasingly on third-party institutional clients not belonging to the Talanx Group. These can choose between a full-service asset management offering or individual elements of it. Primary responsibility for this area lies with Ampega Managing Director Jürgen Meyer, who has taken over the third-party client business from his predecessor Manfred Köberlein, and is now expanding it. Manfred Köberlein is stepping down from Ampega’s team of managing directors after nearly 20 years, but will continue to assist the company in an advisory capacity.


Köberlein Meyer Ampega

“We have worked together successfully with Manfred Köberlein for almost 20 years: his expertise as a salesman and extensive industry experience have helped build and consistently grow Ampega. The successful development of the third-party business unit is largely his work and we are deeply grateful to him for this. Manfred Köberlein has been a major influence on our business and has helped make Ampega what it is today in many different ways. We are delighted that he will continue to assist us in an advisory capacity for some time”, said Harry Ploemacher, CEO of the Ampega companies.

Ampega offers institutional clients a range of services along the entire asset management value chain. This includes everything from strategic asset allocation through portfolio and risk management down to administration, reporting and accounting. ESG and sustainability aspects are an integral part of all steps in the investment process.

Clients can choose between either granting Ampega full-service asset management mandates or integrating one or more of the individual elements above with their own investment processes. Ampega’s high-performance IT infrastructure is a key component of both options, allowing it to rapidly take new client portfolios on board in the manner best suited to the case in question.

“Ampega can look back on more than 50 years’ experience of asset management. We are responsible for managing the Talanx Group’s assets and as such have a wide range of expertise, especially in insurance-related areas. Our third-party clients can benefit greatly from this broad-based investment structure”, said Jürgen Meyer, Managing Director at Ampega Investment GmbH. “Our offering covers two overarching business areas: On the one hand, we advise clients on everything to do with investment strategy, and then implement the results in practice on an ongoing basis. On the other, we also administer investments for our clients – and our offering, which is focused on insurers, pension funds and employee benefit institutions, is relatively rare on the market.”

Ampega had roughly EUR 170 billion of assets under management (AuM) as of 31 December 2021, roughly one-quarter of which related to mandates from third-party clients. It covers almost all investment classes on the capital market, including substantial volumes of alternative investments. These include infrastructure projects such as wind and solar power plants, real estate, and in particular private debt and private equity investments.


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