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Virtual Annual General Meeting passes proposed resolutions by a very large majority

Talanx AG’s General Meeting passed all resolutions proposed by the Company’s Management and Supervisory Boards, including the proposal on the appropriation of distributable profits, by a very large majority. Shareholders voted in favour of the proposal to pay a dividend of EUR 1.60 per share – an increase of 10 cents. Talanx has either increased its dividend or at least kept it stable every year since the Company went public. The dividend yield is 4.4 percent, based on the average share price in 2021.


Key Visual HV Talanx 2022

Torsten Leue, Chairman of Talanx AG’s Board of Management, underscored the Talanx Group’s extremely strong performance to the General Meeting: “The Talanx Group proved extremely resilient despite extremely high loss expenditures on natural disasters and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We grew premium income by a double-digit percentage to EUR 45.5 billion in a challenging market environment. At EUR 1.01 billion, Group net income exceeded the billion euro mark for the first time in our 120 years or so of history – one year earlier than announced in 2018, when we unveiled our medium-term goals. Our return on equity is 9.6 percent – almost in double figures – despite the low interest rate environment.” With reference to the current financial year, he added: “We are maintaining our financial goals for 2022 at present despite the high level of uncertainty. We are expecting Group net income to be in the range of EUR 1,050–1,150 million. In this case, we would achieve our goal of increasing earnings per share by an average of at least 5 percent per year in the period from 2019 to 2022.”

Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Talanx AG’s Annual General Meeting was held purely virtually for the third time in a row. Shareholders had the opportunity to submit questions up to a day before the meeting and when doing so could also refer to the presentation by the Chairman of the Board of Management, which was published in advance. A total of 3,621 shareholders registered for the meeting. This corresponded to 92.47 (91.54) percent of the Company's voting share capital.

Talanx AG’s next annual general meeting is scheduled to take place on 4 May 2023.


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