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Vaccination launch at Hannover-based insurers

  • Vaccination initiative at the Hannover-based insurer launches Coronavirus vaccinations
  • Central vaccination line at HDI in Misburg
  • Employees from nine insurance groups invited

Punctually on approval of the coronavirus vaccines also for non-risk groups, the Hannover-based insurers collaborating together in the “Impfsurance” vaccination initiative started to vaccinate the first employees on 7 June. The Hannover-based insurers received a total of some 200 vaccines for the current week.


The vaccines are distributed proportionately to the individual insurers based on the number of employees. They issued a joint statement: “We hope that we will have access to a large volume of vaccines over the coming weeks so that we can play our part in containing the pandemic to the best of our abilities.”

Vaccination line for 2500 vaccinations

The vaccination line at the site of the HDI Group at Buchholzer Straße 98 was completed in May. The insurers of the vaccination initiative are sharing the costs and they are jointly organising the personnel and material for the vaccination process. The vaccinations are being carried out by doctors and employees of the specialist healthcare agency Promedis24. Provided that a sufficient number of vaccines are available, up to 2500 vaccines a week can be carried out. Vaccination is free of charge for employees of the companies.

The insurers Concordia Versicherungen, E+S Rück, Hannover Re, HDI & Talanx, KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, Mecklenburgische Versicherungen, Swiss Life, VGH Versicherungen, VHV Gruppe and the WERTGARANTIE Group are participating in the vaccination initiative. Together, these insurers employ a total of around 12,000 employees in Hannover and the surrounding region.

Benefiting from other vaccination offers

At the same time, the companies are asking their employees to also take advantage of other vaccination offers. Anybody who has already received a vaccination appointment from their family doctor or a vaccination centre is encouraged to take this up. In view of the limited delivery of vaccines, the insurers only regard their vaccination offer as a complementary pathway in support of the campaign by the Lower Saxony State Government and the efforts of doctors and hospitals in combatting COVID-19.

Some of the companies involved in “Impfsurance” also have operations at sites outside Hannover and Lower Saxony. Local solutions are envisaged for these locations so that employees there can also be offered vaccinations as soon as possible.



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