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Talanx purchases large solar park in Spain and thereby significantly increases green electricity generation from its own portfolio

  • Talanx diversifies investment portfolio into alternative asset classes
  • Company expands sustainable investments in line with its strategy
  • No negative impact on consumers because the solar park receives no subsidies

The Talanx Group is purchasing one of the biggest solar parks in Europe and increasing its total output with the 180 megawatt (MW) plant from its existing green onshore and offshore energy generation to a total of 934 MW. At the same time, the Group is diversifying its investment portfolio by bolstering wind generation with the complementary asset class of solar energy. The seller is ib vogt, leading global provider of solar power plants based in Berlin, Germany. With this commitment, the international Talanx Group is further expanding its sustainability strategy and safeguarding sustainable energy production without placing additional burdens on consumers of electricity. The park is currently being constructed and it will operate without any feed-in subsidies. The operating life is expected to be 30 years. It will be connected up to the grid at the beginning of 2021 and will supply power to about 80,000 households.

“The solar park "Bienvenida" represents an excellent fit with our direction and strategy,” explained Dr Thomas Mann, Chief Investment Officer of Talanx. “The investment allows us to diversify our asset portfolio and this enables us to manage the volatility in our portfolio in a more controlled way, since we will benefit equally from wind and solar power. Moreover, the sheer size of the solar park allows us to better support the environmental transformation to a zero-carbon emission society – in this case by means of industrially generated green energy,” he added. “Furthermore, it helps us to counteract the low-interest phase with higher returns on investment.”

Anton Milner, CEO of ib vogt GmbH, stated: “This project is the culmination of a number of years of development work and is the first of a series of major net parity projects that we are developing in Southern Europe. Importantly, these will help drive the penetration of clean electricity in Europe on a stand-alone economic – unsubsidised – basis. We are delighted and proud to be working with the Talanx Group and to be able to support their sustainability and portfolio objectives. In Talanx we have a partner that shares our objectives and approaches in driving the implementation of this important technology in the fight against climate change.”

Overall, the Talanx Group ranks among the leading investors and operators of renewable energy generating plants in Germany. It has already invested more than 2.2 billion euros in infrastructure and renewable energy – out of this the company has invested more than 1.3 billion euros directly in renewable energy (wind and solar) and has made around 220 million euros available in the form of lending to finance solar parks.

The Group has set itself the target of doubling its investments in infrastructure and renewable energy over the coming years to 5 billion euros. “In order to achieve this target, we are dependent on good offers in the marketplace. We are therefore delighted to be able to draw on the expertise of ib vogt in this area, one of the major providers of high-quality, turnkey solar power plants with a long track record of experience,” added Dr Thomas Mann.

In November, Talanx signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) supported by the United Nations and thereby made a commitment to sustainable investment. Moreover, the sustainability strategy adopted by the Group this year establishes that the Talanx Group in Germany will be 100 percent carbon neutral from 2019 and that it will exit completely from coal by 2038.


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