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Talanx provides greater integration for HDI Service AG with the divisions

  • Clemens Jungsthöfel and Jens Warkentin appointed to the Management Board with effect from 1 May 2019
  • Previous Board Spokesperson Thomas Belker will become Spokesperson for the Executive Management of Precire Technologies GmbH

The Talanx Group is providing greater integration of HDI Service AG, responsible for Human Resources, Internal Services, Purchasing and Accounting, with the operating divisions in Germany.

In order to facilitate this, Clemens Jungsthöfel, Chief Financial Officer of HDI Global SE, and Jens Warkentin, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Labour Relations of HDI Deutschland AG, have been appointed to the Management Board of HDI Service AG in addition to their existing functions with effect from 1 May 2019. As the future spokesperson of the Management Board, Clemens Jungsthöfel will be responsible for the areas of Internal Services and Purchasing. In future, Jens Warkentin will head the human-resource functions. Michael Heinen is responsible for accounting and he will continue as a Board Member of the company. The aim is for the new organisation to engage even more with the needs of the Talanx Group and to develop tailor-made solutions for operating business.

On 30 April 2019, the previous Board Spokesman, Thomas Belker (58), will step down from the Management Board by mutual consent in order to take up entrepreneurial responsibility. From 1 May 2019, he will take on the role of Spokesman for the Executive Management of Precire Technologies GmbH in Aachen. Start-up Precire uses artificial intelligence to analyse verbal and written communication also in relation to digital human-resources work. The main shareholder of the Talanx Group, HDI V.a.G., holds shares in the company.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Mr Belker for his work over the past years. He has played a role in the process of driving forward cultural development of the Talanx Group in Germany in the direction of becoming an agile organisation. Furthermore, he placed HDI Service AG on an even more efficient foundation. We would like to wish him every success in his new function at Precire,” commented Torsten Leue, Chairman of the Board of Management of Talanx AG and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of HDI Service AG. “I would also like to wish Clemens Jungsthöfel and Jens Warkentin every success in their future, supplementary functions. A key factor for the success of HDI Service AG will be to establish additional efficient and lean processes. The human resources function will continue to support further cultural development into an agile organisation. This will empower our employees to master the challenge of digitalisation and will ideally position us in the battle to recruit talented employees.”

Over the past year, the Talanx Group had also integrated IT service provider for the Group, HDI Systeme AG, more closely with the divisions. Furthermore, the IT process owners from the divisions Retail Germany and Industrial Lines were appointed to the Management Board of HDI Systeme AG. Overall, the Group service providers in Germany are now strongly integrated within the operating units.

Clemens Jungsthöfel (48) has been a Board Member of HDI Global SE since 1 May 2018 and the Chief Financial Officer since 1 July 2018. Previously, he worked for audit and professional services firm KPMG. Jungsthöfel is an auditor, tax consultant and qualified insurance practitioner. As a partner at KPMG, he audited international insurance groups, including industrial and specialist insurers, and reinsurance companies.

Jens Warkentin (52) has been a Member of the Management Board of HDI Deutschland AG since October 2018 and since January he has been Chief Financial Officer there. Previously, he worked for AXA as a Board Member of Axa Konzern AG, Axa Lebensversicherung AG, Axa Versicherung AG and Axa Krankenversicherung AG. He was responsible for the Customer, Partner and Process Service Division.


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