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Talanx further expands sustainability agenda

The Talanx Group continued to expand its sustainability agenda in 2017 and now includes around two thirds of its primary insurance business operations in sustainability reporting. Furthermore, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) have been picked up in the sustainability report for the first time. Also, the new GRI Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative have been implemented. Integration of six other countries from Talanx’s core markets into the reporting process is planned for 2018. This means that almost 80 percent of gross premium in primary insurance at the Talanx Group will be covered in the forthcoming report. Regionally, the Group is participating in the environmental consulting initiative “ÖKOPROFIT Hannover”.

“Our commitment to sustainability is a marathon race with which we are adjusting to the changing world. By expanding our CSR activities, we are contributing to minimising corporate and social risks, and enhancing the success of the Group for investors, customers and employees,” declared Torsten Leue, Chairman of the Board of Management of Talanx AG.

The introduction of ESG Screening for Talanx investments provided a milestone in 2017. This enabled nearly 90 percent of the assets under own management to be analysed for non-sustainable investments. “This was an important step relating to future-proof sustainability,” added Torsten Leue.

The ongoing development of the strategy is a key element of the Talanx sustainability programme. The third Sustainability Report just published by the Group is already based on the GRI Standards that are mandatory for application by reporters from 1 July 2018 and that replace the previous G4 version. The GRI Standards are intended to further enhance factors like the comparability of sustainability reports across the world.

In regional terms, Talanx Service AG is participating in the environmental consulting programme “ÖKOPROFIT Hannover” for the first time in 2018. The project is sponsored by the city and region of Hannover and it involves systematic analysis of business systems. The aim is to jointly develop practical savings measures by spring of 2019 which will benefit the environment and cut down operating costs at the same time.


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