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Talanx appoints Diversity & Inclusion Manager

  • Raha Anssari reports directly to Talanx Board member Christopher Lohmann
  • New strategy to be rolled out Group-wide

The Talanx Group is adding a Diversity & Inclusion Manager to its ranks with the appointment of Raha Anssari. By taking this step the Group is raising the profile of its sustainability strategy, which highlights not only environmental but also social criteria. Raha Anssari will develop a diversity strategy for the Group and reinforce the relevance of diversity considerations in everyday company life. The 36-year-old will report directly in her new role to Talanx Board member Christopher Lohmann, whose scope of responsibility encompasses the Retail Germany division, IT and Diversity.


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"Diversity means a lot to the Talanx Executive Board. We want to significantly increase the importance of this important topic in the Group and make progress in implementing it step by step. Raha Anssari will provide us with strong support – she is a highly qualified strategist and well connected beyond Talanx. Along with her specialist expertise, she also impressed me as a person who shares my commitment to a pluralistic society", Christopher Lohmann explains.

The appointment of Raha Anssari comes in response to the findings of numerous studies showing that diverse companies operate more successfully than those that have still to recognise the important part played by diversity in commercial success. With this in mind, diversity will play a key role in the Group-wide orientation of Talanx going forward.

In 2013 Talanx signed the German Diversity Charter – an initiative launched by the Federal Government to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into business culture. The aim is to create a working environment free of biases. All employees should be valued – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender, religion and worldview, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and social background.

Born in Iran, Raha Anssari came as a political refugee with her family to Germany, where she grew up. She has been with Talanx since 2013, working in strategy roles since 2016. She studied business administration, graduating successfully with a concentration in sustainability. For her MBA in insurance management she turned her focus to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical management. Most recently, Raha Anssari worked on HDI Deutschland's strategy team with responsibility for issues of agility and diversity.

Raha Anssari will take on her new function starting 1 March 2021. One of her key tasks will be to elaborate a comprehensive Diversity Strategy for the Talanx / HDI Group in Germany. Following a pilot phase, the focus of diversity management will shift towards internationalisation throughout the entire Talanx Group.


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