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Matthias Weber to follow Dr. Dominik Hennen as Head of Sales at PB Versicherungen

  • Weber joins Talanx from the Deutsche Bank Privatkundenbank
  • As planned, Dr. Dominik Hennen will focus on his role as Chief Transformation Officer at HDI Germany with effect from 1 January 2022

Matthias Weber is to succeed Dr. Dominik Hennen as Head of Sales at PB Versicherung AG and PB Lebensversicherung AG. The Supervisory Board has appointed the 47-year-old as an authorised representative with effect from 1 January 2022. Following his approval by BaFin, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, Weber will become a member of the boards of management of the two companies.

Portrait_Matthias Weber

Matthias Weber has many years’ sales experience at financial services providers. He has held a number of management positions – some of them at national level – over the past 22 years, for example at Wüstenrot Bausparkasse AG, insurance companies and Postbank. Most recently he was Regional Head and a member of the Northwest senior management team at Postbank Finanzberatung AG. In addition to his professional work, Matthias Weber is active as a diversity and management expert in a number of associations and organisations. Among other things, he is Chair of the Board of the Völklinger Kreis e. V., the national gay managers’ association, and Vice-president of the United Leaders Association (ULA), Germany’s largest managers’ confederation.

As has been planned since April, Dr. Dominik Hennen will focus within the Talanx Group on his role as Chief Transformation Officer at the Retail Germany Division, a position he has held since 1 June 2021. In addition, he has been appointed to the boards of management of HDI Versicherung AG and HDI Lebensversicherung AG and will also remain in touch with the bancassurance companies through his Supervisory Board position at HDI Deutschland Bancassurance GmbH. The new unit, which will have roughly 100 staff, will bring together all the functions that will play a major role in managing implementation of HDI Germany’s GO25 strategy programme, such as strategy, digitalisation, strategic cost management, business organisation and implementation of the agile transformation process.

“We wish Matthias Weber all the best and every success in his new role,” said Philipp Gossow, Head of Sales for Deutsche Bank's retail banking operations in Germany. “At the same time, the move means we shall see each other again soon, since our companies have a very close and successful partnership. For years now, PB Versicherungen high-quality products have allowed our advisors to provide customers with optimal solutions for their needs and financial security.”

“We are looking forward with pleasure to working together with Matthias Weber. He knows what the Deutsche Bank Group’s customers need extremely well and so can really help PB insurers to offer even more tailored products and services,” said Iris Kremers, Chair of PB insurers and responsible for bancassurance on the Board of Management of HDI Germany. “My sincere thanks go to Dr. Dominik Hennen for his extremely successful work at PB insurers. He has made a decisive contribution to PB insurers’ growth in recent years and to extending our partnership with Deutsche Bank until the end of 2032.”

Dr. Christopher Lohmann, PB insurers’ Supervisory Board Chairman, added: “Matthias Weber is a great manager and we are delighted to have attracted him to our team. His banking and sales experience are an ideal complement for us. The partnership between PB insurers and Deutsche Bank/Postbank will benefit significantly from this. I would also like to thank Dr. Dominik Hennen very warmly for his excellent work. At the same time, I am delighted that he can now focus all his energy on the transformation process for the entire Retail Germany Division.”


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