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HDI Seguros trains car drivers

The Mexican company is offering driving lessons

HDI Seguros S.A. de C.V. is the first insurer in Mexico to open a driving school, named HDI Drivex. This enables the company to strengthen its brand in the Mexican motor market. “HDI Drivex is based on an exclusive method developed by driving professionals and it gives participants a realistic training experience,” commented Jaime Calderón, Head of Marketing and Sales at HDI Seguros.

Generally speaking, Mexicans don’t attend lessons at a driving school to receive their driving licence. Anyone in Mexico can pay a fee to get a licence at a local government office – most young drivers get instruction from their parents or friends. The HDI driving school is helping to increase safety in road traffic. Anyone who completes a driving course successfully can anticipate a reduction on their insurance premium.

The driving instruction is made up of three modules: online theory made up of several videos, training in a driving simulator at the premises of the driving school, and driving in road traffic at the end of the course. Last year, HDI introduced Drivex at its head office in León. The driving school has now become established there. This year, HDI is planning to open further driving schools in other cities.