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HDI Germany further streamlines Board of Management structures

  • Sven Lixenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Management of HDI Life, to take over Life Operations for HDI and bancassurance.
  • Silke Fuchs to leave the company as at 30 June 2023 after a successful career spanning more than 24 years.

The Retail Germany Division is further streamlining its management body structure. Sven Lixenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Management of HDI Lebensversicherung AG, is to assume responsibility for Life Operations at HDI and in the bancassurance area. This will further boost the convergence of opera-tions and IT in the Life Insurance segment.


Silke Fuchs, Board of Management member Life Operations, is responsible for the service units at HDI Germany’s life insurance risk takers. She will step down from the Board as at 30 June 2023 after more than 24 years at HDI. Her most recent responsibilities included implementing an overarching life operations model at HDI Germany.

Sven Lixenfeld: “Silke Fuchs combines strategic foresight with a systematic approach to operations, a combination that allowed her to build strong, efficient operations across HDI Life”.

Jens Warkentin, the Talanx AG Board of Management member responsible for the Retail Germany Division and head of HDI Germany, said: “I would like to thank Silke Fuchs for her many years of successful work for HDI. A dedicated colleague, she was involved in many successful change processes and can look back on her great achievements with real pride. I, too, would like to wish her every success, both personally and professionally, going forward.

We are committed to providing optimum customer and sales partner service based on excellent processes and services – a core element of our GO25 strategy. I am therefore delighted that Sven Lixenfeld will build on this strong foundation and manage this area personally going forward.” Silke Fuchs summed up the past years as follows: “My time at HDI was challenging but wonderful. The most important thing for me was always the people with whom I worked together successfully and closely throughout this time. I would like to thank all employees who deliver their best every day at the interface to our customers and sales operations.”

A look back on a successful career

Silke Fuchs started her career in the bancassurance area back in 1999, as head of Financial Control for newly founded PB insurers. After that she held a wide range of positions, playing a major role in establishing and enhancing bancassurance activities. From 2003 onwards, her core focus was on the service areas, and in 2004 she became a member (now Chair) of the Board of Management of PB Pensionsfonds AG (now HDI-Pensionsfonds AG). Starting in 2007, she was responsible at Board of Management level for PB insurers (now LPV insurers), TARGO insurers and neue leben insurers. In 2019, she also became a Board of Management member at HDI Life, with the goal of establishing an overarching life operations model and of standardising the IT systems environment.


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