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HDI insures farmers against the impacts of climate change

Rain is important for a good harvest. Too much rain destroys an entire year’s worth of hard work. Neyla Hernández Puchigay cultivates spring onions in Colombia and she’s battling with the consequences of global warming. In the interview about “Our Purpose”, she explains how HDI safeguards her existence.


“You win or you lose, but you always have to move forward.” : Neyla Hernández Puchigay

Generally speaking, the fields in Colombia are cultivated by small farmers. And each individual farmer bears their own risk. And the risk is high! Climate change is posing a threat to their existence. Heavy rainfall and droughts destroy the harvest. People who don’t have any produce can’t sell anything. They aren’t able to pay off their loans. They’re unable to feed their family.

HDI Seguros in Colombia is standing by small farmers and safeguarding their existence with a microinsurance policy against failure of the harvest. Neyla Hernández Puchigay from Aquitania has taken out a policy like this. The farmer said: “When I didn’t yet have any insurance things were terrible because whenever something happened to the harvest, I didn’t have my own funds to start up again.”


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