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HDI opens company daycare facility "HDI Zauberland" in Hannover-Lahe

Starting today, Riethorst 2 in the district of Hannover-Lahe is home to "HDI Zauberland" ("HDI Wonderland"). At the site of its former main office building the HDI Group has opened the company's first in-house daycare centre, with operations set to commence on 1 September. The insurer primarily has in mind parents and educating persons employed with the Group who have small children. They can benefit from generous care hours extending from 7.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Ultimately, a kindergarten place plays a vital part in promoting the compatibility of family and work. Any remaining available spaces will also be opened up to non-employees.


Spanning some 650 square metres, the centre will provide supervision for up to 47 small "wizards" going forward. The kids will be divided into two under-3 groups and one over-3 group. The facility is managed by the Wuppertal-based childcare service provider Kita|Concept. Ten educational staff attend to the little ones, supported by a nursery housekeeper. A child-friendly outdoor space directly adjoins the daycare premises, offering various themed areas and play equipment as well as three raised flower beds. The entire facility is fully accessible.

The "HDI Zauberland" daycare centre also has its very own "magical" entrance: the Hannover-based Pop Art artist Della has used the surface of the wall at the kindergarten entrance to create a specially imagined artwork that is relatable for the children while also referencing the city of Hannover and the HDI Group.

Daycare facility promotes the compatibility of work and family

"As an employer, the HDI Group considers it important to do everything possible to promote the compatibility of family and professional life for our employees. Having an in-house day nursery is a major step in this respect," comments Jens Warkentin, Personnel Director at HDI. He continues: "The Covid-19 pandemic, in particular, has highlighted just how important a healthy balance and the compatibility of family life and job are. We want to do all we can as an employer to support this."

Caroline Schlienkamp, the Board member responsible for Internal Services, adds: "We've had a plan for quite some time to set up our own in-house daycare facility. Now, finally, we've been able to act on it because all the conditions were right. Previously, we've been able to offer our employees across Germany other arrangements – we are proud now to add the company's first own daycare centre to the available options.

"The daycare facility "HDI Zauberland" is supported by the Federal Republic of Germany, the State of Lower Saxony and the City of Hannover. The HDI Group additionally subsidises the childcare places. The planning and construction of the project were also carried out with the support of the cooperation partner and the childcare service provider Kita|Concept.



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