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Milestone for accelerated innovations and digitalisation: HDI Group simplifies operational structures

  • Goal: Speed up progress on forward-looking issues such as digitalisation
  • New employer company HDI AG
  • No implications for headcount, locations and brand world
  • Project underscores the purpose "Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship"

The HDI Group under the Talanx umbrella is simplifying its operational structures in Germany. The streamlining is intended to significantly accelerate decisions on major issues for the future such as digitalisation or collaboration within the Group. By making this move, the HDI Group is boosting its momentum and market clout relative to its competitors.


The number of employer companies belonging to the Talanx primary insurance group in Germany will be almost halved from the current 21. Similarly, the number of regional operations will be scaled back, without this resulting in site closures, staff cutbacks or redeployments. This goes hand-in-hand with a reduction in the number of employee council bodies. In the spring of 2022 it is envisaged that the roughly 7,650 employees of the existing companies subject to collective bargaining agreements will be brought together in the new employer company "HDI AG", which will also be bound by collective bargaining agreements.

"It is absolutely essential to streamline our structures so that we, as a company, can respond dynamically to the requirements of an increasingly digitalised, complex and unsteady environment. We are becoming quicker, more flexible and hence also enjoy greater market clout than our competitors, and at the same time we are better positioned for our customers. The digital transformation of the HDI Group and our journey into the 'New Normal' are thus continuing to pick up pace", Torsten Leue, Chief Executive Officer of Talanx AG, emphasised. "This step is also an important milestone as we enact our purpose 'Together we take care of the unexpected and foster entrepreneurship' – especially the 'Together'. We are moving closer together as the HDI Group", noted Leue.

"Going forward, thanks to the leaner operational structures we will be able to arrive at consistent Group decisions more quickly on business issues such as the implementation of Germany-wide projects. This will mean a lot of changes in our processes, and that's very much to our advantage", added Jens Warkentin, the Spokesperson of the Management Board of HDI Service AG with responsibility for Human Resources in the German primary insurance group and a member of the Executive Board of HDI Deutschland AG.

The company is clearly committed to cooperation with the social partner that is characterised by respect and trust and it intends to stand by this commitment. "The quality of co-determination remains unaffected. We are strengthening co-determination on the local and Group level. Going forward, as in the past, we are firmly convinced that strong employee councils are vital to the health of our organisation", commented Jens Warkentin.

Ralf Rieger, Chairman of the Group Employee Council, stated: "The participation rights of the Employee Council are limited when it comes to alterations in operational structures. However, given that nothing material changes for the members of staff, we are on board with the change in the existing operational structures. By reaching a reconciliation of interests the employer has committed to our locations, our employee benefits and the applicable company agreements. Furthermore, we were able to ensure that no operations will be transferred to companies not subject to collective bargaining agreements."


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