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Closer linking of Talanx Systeme AG to the divisions of the Talanx Group

  • Opportunities associated with digitalisation to be integrated into core business processes
  • Board members of Talanx Systeme AG taking on additional management responsibilities for IT in the divisions
  • Mario Krause (48) to resign from his office as Chief Executive Officer of Talanx Systeme AG and support the structural change during a transitional period

Talanx Systeme AG, the IT service provider within the Talanx Group, is to be linked considerably more closely to the Group's divisions in the future. By making this structural optimisation the Talanx Group is paving the way for integrating the opportunities associated with digitalisation into core business processes even more seamlessly than has hitherto been the case.

In taking this decision the Group is acting on the joint recommendations previously formulated by Mario Krause, Chief Executive Officer of Talanx Systeme AG, and Dr Jan Wicke (49), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Talanx Systeme AG and CIO of the Talanx Group, for the structural optimisation of Talanx Systeme AG.

As part of these structural changes the members of the Management Board of Talanx Systeme AG will henceforth – subject to the approval of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) – take on IT management responsibilities both within the Group's divisions and at Talanx Systeme AG in a dual role. The position of Chief Executive Officer of Talanx Systeme AG will cease to exist, and Mario Krause is therefore stepping down as Chairman of the Management Board of Talanx Systeme AG effective 31 July 2018. He will continue to actively support the realisation of Talanx Systeme AG's structural optimisation as a consultant.

Dr Jan Wicke thanks Mario Krause for his long-standing dedication to the Talanx Group: "In his more than seven years of highly successful work on the Board, Mario Krause strategically refined the IT of the Talanx Group and leveraged significant synergies. The latest decision to link the IT more closely to the Group's divisions was a logical step and will further strengthen the competitiveness of the Talanx Group."

The following additional personnel changes will be made:

With effect from 1 August the Management Board of Talanx Systeme AG will thus consist of Michael Krebbers (49), Dr Thomas Kuhnt (43) and Herbert Rogenhofer (54).

Oliver Barnack (45), previously the member of the Management Board of Talanx Systeme AG, is leaving the company with the end of 31 July 2018. He has been with Talanx since 2009 and has been in various executive positions at Talanx Systeme AG since 2011. In consequence of the realignment of Talanx’s IT he will be tackling new professional challenges. Dr Jan Wicke thanks him for his extraordinary dedication to the company and wishes him continued success for his professional career.

Michael Krebbers, who has served on the Management Board of Talanx Systeme AG since 2011, will assume responsibility for Life & Investments and, in an acting capacity, the Board area of Cross-Sectional Tasks & Service Operations in the Retail Germany division commencing 1 August. At the same time and also with effect from 1 August he is to become Spokesperson of the Management Board, a role that henceforth will be fulfilled by all Board members on a rolling basis.

Dr Thomas Kuhnt, who has been in charge of Projects and Organization, IT and Group Accident at HDI Global SE since 1 July, is accordingly assuming Board responsibility for Industry, while Herbert Rogenhofer, who has been with the Talanx Group since July 2017 and served most recently as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) in the Retail Germany division responsible inter alia for project portfolio management and for formulating and executing the digitalisation strategy, takes charge of the Board area of P&C & Sales in the Retail Germany division. All the Board members of Talanx Systeme AG will also fulfil the role of CIO at the relevant companies within the Talanx Group.

"Shared responsibility on the Executive Board of Talanx Systeme AG business costumers thus consequently drives further IT development of the Talanx Group", Dr Wicke further summarized. "In this way we are also ensuring the interlinking of the various divisions and have positioned ourselves for the digital transformation process with an eye to the future. I am looking forward to the exchange of views and the discussions with our new colleagues and I would like to wish them every success in their new tasks."


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