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Ampega to manage assets of Frankfurter Leben

  • Cooperation between Talanx Group and Frankfurter Leben has a volume of EUR 10 billion
  • The Talanx investment company is thereby boosting its assets under management in institutional business with non-Group clients to EUR 40 billion and strengthening its strategic orientation in this area
  • Total assets under management of the Ampega companies increase from around EUR 160 billion to roughly EUR 170 billion

Ampega will in future manage the investments of Frankfurter Leben Group, a consolidation platform for life insurance portfolios. This boosts the business volume of Ampega Investment GmbH, which operates as an asset management company within the Talanx Group for institutional and private clients, by EUR 10 billion to EUR 40 billion. Total assets under management of the Ampega companies thus amount to roughly EUR 170 billion.


Jürgen Meyer, responsible Managing Director at Ampega Investment GmbH, comments: "We are looking forward to the cooperation and appreciate the trust that Frankfurter Leben Group has shown in our expertise with this decision." Regarding the significance of the mandate for the strategic orientation of Ampega Investment, which together with Ampega Asset Management forms the Ampega brand, he adds: "The acquisition of this new mandate is a major step forward for our business with institutional clients. It is pleasing to see that our ability to quickly take over the administration of portfolios on an individual basis is attractive for both existing and new clients alike. In this respect we are supported by our powerful IT infrastructure."

Christian Subbe, who is responsible for investments with Frankfurter Leben Group, sees the cooperation with Ampega as a key step towards efficient asset management. "With Ampega we are delighted to have found a partner who is able to fulfil our requirements for efficient and scalable administration of investments. We therefore consider ourselves well positioned for our planned further growth".

Ampega will contribute its expertise above all in the administration of investments for insurers, pension funds and employee benefit institutions. In addition to preparing balance sheets and financial reporting for the asset holdings, the focus is therefore on services geared to the regulatory requirements of Solvency I and II.

Along with the new mandate for Frankfurter Leben Group, Ampega already manages a number of other mandates that benefit from its insurance-specific expertise. In this area Ampega is pursuing a dynamic growth track and envisages further expansion in line with its strategic orientation.



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