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Ampega reconfigures its property business and integrates Ampega Real Estate

  • Modified business structure increases efficiency and security in the Group
  • Further expansion of the property component planned over the upcoming years

Ampega Asset Management, a subsidiary of Talanx based in Cologne, is realigning its property business. This includes integration of the previously independent Ampega Real Estate within Ampega Asset Management. This step is intended to enhance efficiency in the property business. The Ampega Investment Group is planning to continuously expand its real estate investments over the coming years.

Djam Mohebbi_Ampega_Talanx_1

In future, the restructured division will be headed by Djam Mohebbi-Ahari, who has already previously been Managing Director of Ampega Real Estate with responsibility for investments, finance and development. Chairman of the Ampega Management Board, Harry Ploemacher: “Over recent years, Ampega Real Estate has developed extremely well. We now want to integrate the property business even more emphatically within the culture of the Ampega Investment Group so as to target additional strong growth. The leadership of Djam Mohebbi-Ahari will enable us to achieve this.”

Ampega is also planning to expand its strategic collaboration partners in the Real Estate Germany segment over the coming years. Djam Mohebbi-Ahari: “In spite of the challenging market situation, we will drive forward our purchases with appropriate caution in a far-sighted approach and make the most of any investment opportunities presented. We will significantly increase the proportion of property held by the Group in the future. We will focus on strong, future-proof investment strategies with a well-balanced risk profile. The trend for our portfolio will be strong diversification away from retail and office properties. Alongside office property, the focus of our activities will be in the areas of residential, logistics, retail parks and mixed-use neighbourhood developments.”

As the asset manager for Talanx AG, Ampega had assets under management valued at around EUR 160 billion on 31 December 2020, of which around EUR 18.5 billion relate to third-party business. The company invests on the capital market in various investment classes, including alternative investments. Alongside infrastructure projects such as wind farms and solar plants, these include real estate, which is an important strategic component of the portfolio. Ampega wants to significantly expand its real estate investments over the coming years.


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