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113 school-leavers begin their training with Talanx

  • 94 (2015: 96) trainees and 19 (2015: 26) integrated degree students begin training year 2016/2017 on 1 September
  • Combined hands-on training and vocational study is a key element of the human resources strategy
  • Talanx is increasingly on the lookout for business IT specialists in view of the trend towards digitalisation
  • Talanx trainees in Hannover manage their own mini company and implement projects on a self-reliant basis

Altogether 113 (2015: 122) school-leavers are embarking on training year 2016/2017 at Talanx starting 1 September; the envisaged number had been 121. Of these 113, 110 are training as qualified insurance and finance practitioners, two as qualified office management professionals and one (2015: two) as a chef. 19 trainees are additionally taking an integrated degree programme, twelve of them in insurance and seven in the field of business IT. The integrated degree programme includes both certification by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a Bachelor's degree. "The combination of hands-on training and vocational study, whether as part of a traditional training programme or an integrated degree programme, is a key element of our human resources strategy", notes Dr Christian Hinsch, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management and Labour Director of the Talanx Group. "Our trainees value above all the practically oriented training and the future prospects available in an international Group."

The new training year brings the total number of trainees employed by Talanx across Germany to 380 (2015: 383) at 17 locations. The majority of them are in Hannover – with 92 (2015: 94) – and in Cologne, which has 59 (2015: 62) trainees. The number of trainees at Talanx varies from year to year because the requirements of the individual divisions – namely Retail Germany, Retail International and Industrial Lines – are recalculated every twelve months. "Our training is exclusively needs-based, we cover our own personnel requirements primarily with our junior recruits", explains Thomas Belker, whose responsibilities as Spokesman of the Management Board of Talanx Service AG include the human resources sector. "As we are already seeing, however, it is clear that going forward we will have an increased need for integrated degree students in the field of business IT so as to deal with our digitalisation tasks within the Group".

Practical training abroad for integrated degree students

A major prerequisite for candidates seeking a training position with Talanx is that they must have passed the German school-leaving examination qualifying for entrance to university or advanced technical college. When it comes to selecting suitable applicants, the training management team at Talanx attaches special importance to good grades in German and mathematics as well as in politics or economics, a good all-round education and sound numerical reasoning. Nevertheless, "soft skills" such as team skills, good manners, individual initiative and determination as well as a willingness to learn and commitment also play a central role in the selection process at Talanx.
The training consists of the theoretical side – the vocational institute – and the practical part, i.e. working at the company. The vocational training last 2.5 years until certification by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, with an additional half-year needed for the Bachelor's degree. Integrated degree students also have the opportunity to spend three months of practical training abroad within the international insurance Group. One integrated degree student is currently in Milan, while another is in Copenhagen. "Furthermore, we offer performance-based remuneration, flexible working hours and the chance to be a team player", adds Thomas Belker.
The training offered by Talanx for certified insurance and finance practitioners can focus on the field service or concentrate on back office activities. Even during the application phase, trainees are able to decide, for example, whether they would prefer to go into the sales side. It is, however, also possible to switch from back office to field service or vice versa during the training. In the new 2016/2017 training year 41 of the 113 trainees opted for more field service-oriented training and hence decided in favour of a career in the role of advisor.

Talanx trainees manage their own mini firm

At Talanx all trainees in Hannover work in their own mini company, known by its German abbreviation MAP. Various sales campaigns addressing social concerns as well as projects are initiated from this mini company. The project entitled "The Customer as Manager of His or Her Life", for example, was rewarded with a medal at the industry competition InnoWard 2016. Right now Talanx trainees at the Hannover location are collecting plastic caps from returnable bottles that can be sold to recycling firms for the social project "Polio plus". The proceeds will be used to pay for polio vaccinations in countries such as Nigeria.


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